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It appears to me that I bought a fake Sennheiser product. Is that at all possible?

Unfortunately it is possible that you may have purchased a counterfeit or fake Sennheiser product.

Well-known brands in all industries worldwide increasingly see counterfeits of their products and misuse of their brand occur. Such products and misuse frequently occur on the Internet through website and Auction sites.

Counterfeiters profit to a very large extent from copying successful products of well-known brands without investing time and money in the development and marketing of such product and sometimes sacrificing quality in materials and manufacturing.

In order to protect you as a consumer from counterfeits, to avoid deception and to sustain the image of the Sennheiser trademark we watch sellers of Sennheiser products and take legal action against infringements when appropriate. We also protect our intellectual property on an international level through patents, trademarks and other registrations.

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  • 29-May-2015