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Dynamic Microphone

A DYNAMIC microphone employs a diaphragm/voice coil/magnet assembly which forms a miniature sound-driven electrical generator.

Sound waves strike a thin plastic membrane (diaphragm) which vibrates in response. A small coil of wire (voice coil) is attached to the rear of the diaphragm and vibrates with it. The voice coil itself is surrounded by a magnetic field created by a small permanent magnet. It is the motion of the voice coil in this magnetic field that generates the electrical signal corresponding to the sound picked up by a dynamic microphone.

Dynamic microphones have a simple construction and are economical and rugged. They can provide excellent sound quality and good specifications in all areas of microphone performance. They handle extremely high sound levels and it is almost impossible to overload a dynamic microphone.

Dynamic microphone are relatively unaffected by extremes of temperature humidity.

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  • 08-May-2015