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What should I do if I get static in the RS 120 headphones?

These headphones need to be connected into the RED and WHITE RCA audio outputs or the 3.5 mm headphone jack. Double check your connections as sometimes devices will have extra RCA connections near the ones you need and if you connect into the incorrect one that can cause sound issues. If you are connecting into the 3.5 mm headphone plug please ensure it is a dedicated headphone plug and not a digital audio out as a digital audio out is not directly compatible with these headphones.

When you connect to an audio source that is turned on the GREEN light will appear on the front of the transmitter. This GREEN light indicates that there is an audio signal and then it is simply a matter of using the TUNE dial on the headset to tune into your audio signal. NOTE: If the GREEN light turns off that indicates that there is no audio signal or the audio signal is too weak for the headphones to use and the transmitter has turned off and this will result in static. It is imperative that the GREEN light is on.

If you are getting static in the headphones and using the TUNE dial does not resolve the issue then you should change the channel on the transmitter (small white switch near the base of the unit) and then re-tune the headphones.

If none of the three (3) channels on the transmitter results in a clear signal then you will want to try connecting to a different audio source to determine if it is the headphones or the audio source that is the issue. If you connect to a new audio source and the static is gone then that indicates that the original audio source is the issue.

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  • 28-May-2015