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How do I set up the RS 120 wireless headphones?

The RS 120 can be connected via a 3.5 mm plug into a dedicated headphone jack (which will often cut sound to the external speakers) OR to the RED & WHITE RCA audio output jacks (often found on the back of the TV, cable box, receiver, DVR, etc) and when connected in this manner they will allow for operation of both the headphones and the external speakers.

NOTE: Please check out our online Set Up video: RS 120


To connect the headphones you will need to plug the transmitter into a power source and the audio cables into an audio source. When you connect the transmitter/charging station to the power outlet and place the headphones on the cradle the RED light will come on to indicate charging. When you plug the audio cables into an audio source (via either the RED & WHITE RCA audio output jacks or a dedicated headphone jack) that is turned on a GREEN light will appear on the transmitter. The aim when connecting the audio cables is to get a GREEN light on the transmitter because it indicates that an audio signal has been located by the transmitter. Once you have the GREEN light on the transmitter then it is simply a matter of tuning the headphones into the transmitter. NOTE: The GREEN light indicates that there is both a power source and an audio source present and NOT only a power source and sometimes the two are confused.

On many audio sources the audio output connections are located on that back of the audio device and this is where the cables from the transmitter should plug in. Typically a headphone jack is designated by a headphone icon and analog audio RCA connections will usually be RED & WHITE. Sometimes the colors of the cables coordinate with the colors on the audio connections and sometimes they don't so a bit of experimentation may be required. Remember the aim is to get the GREEN light on the transmitter to come on and stay on. Once the transmitter is connected to the TV and the GREEN light is showing on the transmitter then getting sound should not be an issue as it is simply a matter of using the tuning dial on the headphones to locate the signal being sent out by the transmitter.

If the GREEN light doesn't come on or COMES ON AND AFTER A FEW MINUTES GOES AWAY when the transmitter is plugged into both a power source and an audio source then it means that the audio signal is is too low (or not getting to the transmitter at all). The transmitter needs a nice, loud signal to work with or the internal electronics will shut off within 5 minutes if no/very little volume is detected to conserve battery life. If this is the case then the signal level needs to be increased before reaching the transmitter. This can be accomplished by turning up your source on variable-level outputs (ie: TV Volume) or by increasing the signal from a fixed-level output (increasing the output level to the audio output jacks which is done through the TV set up options). Try increasing it in small increments to prevent overload which results in distortion. Also check to see that you are connected to outputs and not inputs.

If you are still not successful in getting the GREEN light to appear on the transmitter or you are unable to adjust the audio settings on the TV you may also try to connect to a set top box (cable box, DVR, HD receiver, etc) through its audio outputs or connect through a headphone plug.

NOTE: If there is no analog audio output available on your audio source and the only option for connecting the headphones is a digital audio output then a digital to analog decoder would be needed to connect to the digital output to change the digital signal to an analog signal for the headphones to use.

A good digital to analog decoder is the OREI DA 34 (

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