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What do I do if my unit suddenly stopped working?

In a situation where a unit that has been functioning correctly has suddenly stopped for no apparent reason the issue is likely an internal electronics glitch caused by a power surge. To resolve this issue an internal electronics reset is required.

Disconnect the transmitter (base station) from both the audio source and the power source and at the same time remove the batteries from the headset. Leave the system disconnected from power and the batteries out of the headset for 15 minutes. This gives the internal electronics unit a chance to reset back to factory settings.

After the internal electronics reset the wireless headphones will need to be re-paired to the transmitter. The pairing process for the RS 160, RS 170 & RS 180 wireless headphones is as follows:

Step 1: Start with both the headphones and transmitter turned off (ie: no blinking lights).

Step 2: Pair the transmitter and headphone together. (This is done by simultaneously pressing and holding the power button on both the transmitter and headphones for about 7 seconds. The lights will blink rapidly - about twice a second.)

Step 3: The headphones are now paired with the transmitter.

NOTE: To pair additional headsets turn off all components and repeat the steps listed above.

Please check out this "How To" video ( to see the process in real time.

NOTE: If the GREEN light doesn't come on or comes on and then goes away when the transmitter is plugged into both a power source and an audio source then it means that the audio signal is is too low (or not getting to the transmitter at all). The transmitter needs a nice, strong signal to work with and if the audio signal is very weak (or non-existent) the internal electronics will shut off within 5 minutes to conserve battery life. If this is the case then the signal level needs to be increased before reaching the transmitter. This can be accomplished by turning up your source on variable-level outputs (TV Volume) or by increasing the signal from a fixed-level output (increasing the output level to the audio output jacks which is done through the TV set up options). Try increasing it in small increments to prevent overload which results in distortion. Also check to see that you are connected to outputs and not inputs.

If there is no way to increase the audio signal and hence the GREEN light does not come on and stay on on the transmitter it would be recommended to try to connect to a set top box (cable box, DVR, HD receiver, etc) through its audio outputs or connect through a headphone plug in order to get a stronger signal.

NOTE: After the reset the LED that indicates charging may be out of sync with the internal electronics so it may not act in the manner that should be expected (ie: doesn't come on, doesn't turn off, comes on briefly and turns off). This is not an issue and will resolve itself after a few days of using the headphones and charging the headphones and using the headphones. It is a matter of the LED and internal electronics getting back in sync.

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